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Captain Skip Rowland
No Return Ticket
Leg One
No Return Ticket Leg Two by Skip Rowland
Leg Two
Praises for No Return Ticket

"Captain Rowland’s scenes on deck, especially in heavy weather, are exquisitely rendered and will give even landlubbers a keen sense of the power, beauty, and dangers of the sea. But what’s most compelling about this riveting sea memoir is how the fateful voyage repeatedly tests them, physically and emotionally. Courage, love, faith, bravado, and endurance make this a compelling book about the value - and cost - of resurrecting old dreams and living them out despite the risks."

Tom Peek, author of the award-winning Hawaii novel Daughters of Fire
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Pollution of our oceans is a serious concern for humanity. Enormous amounts of trash, particularly plastic (estimated to be millions of tons annually), finds it’s way to one of five major gyres of garbage contaminating our oceans. Off shore sailors want to be a part of the solution.

For every hard or soft cover book purchased through this website, 20% of the profit will be donated to ReSUP (Rethink Single-Use Plastic), a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing behavior and helping to revitalize the beauty and vitality of our oceans.

To learn more about ReSUP, visit

Skip's Blog

Anchored in Traitors Bay

May 1st. 1745 hours. Tony is at the foredeck windless. “Let er rip Pops!” I put my finger to the remote and our CQR anchor slips into Traitors Bay, headed for the bottom 20 feet below.

Denise nets small shark

We were anchored in a huge bay called Cape Bowling Green off the East Coast of Australia. “Looks like a great place for fishing,” Denise said, turning to he pole with excitement.

Yellow-bellied snake

There were several times we had face to face meetings with sea snakes. I’ll post the next one shortly. Here’s the first one, actually a freshwater lake experience.

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